Twitter Strikes A Deal With Google Again

Twitter Strikes A Deal With Google Again

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Well it’s official Twitter is partners with Google again. It was confirmed on Thursdays earnings call with CEO Dick Costolo. Although Costolo did not go into the details of the partnership there’s a lot of speculation on how Twitter is going to benefit from the deal.

Costolo mentioned on the call “The way we think about the Google deal is distinct, it’s all about the eyeballs.” It could be several months before we start seeing Twitter feeds in Google search results but none the less this will add a dynamic to real time content advertising opportunities for both Google and Twitter.

The Google partnership is without a doubt a major milestone in accomplishing it’s strategy that was rolled out last year by their CFO Anthony Noto where he outlined Twitter striving to be one of the op revenue generating internet properties in the world.

It’s a monumental climb from their current $1.4 billion revenue number to the projected $24 billion by the fiscal year ending in 2024. Their strategy has to change and the Google deal is the first step.

Growing it’s daily users and creating a platform to monetize different advertising products capitalizing on real time content. Which is no surprise to the news Twitter released prior to the earnings call which announced a deal with Yahoo Japan and Flipboard where you will see Twitter ads like “promoted tweets” pop up on both services. The Google partnership followed a day later.

We’re not sure of the full details of this deal but our sources say it’s likely a licensing agreement that gives Twitter revenue, and of course alot of traffic. And for Google, it gives them highly valuable time-sensitive content they can serve super relevant ads in real time.

There’s no doubt data has to be exchanged between these two companies. So it’s very likely tweets will show up in Google searches again — a big deal given Google still commands 75% of the web search market and remains the number one most-trafficked website globally.

So we’ll have to see how this partnership plays out and see if it lasts longer than a couple of years this time.