Julia Roberts recovering from divorce, says “it’s time…”

Julia Roberts recovering from divorce, says “it’s time…”

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Julia Roberts and her husband of twelve years, Danny Moder are both coming to terms with the changes that being newly single brings. Julia, one of Hollywood’s stand-out beauties and box office dream, told our reporter that she was alarmed to see what the stress of divorce had done to her skin. She is renowned for her ageless beauty but her normally flawless and luminous skin has been the subject of tabloid scrutiny over the past few months. “Of course it hurts when your looks are criticized, and more so when you are feeling particularly vulnerable anyway…”. Julia commented to our staff writer during an impromptu meeting at one of her favorite restaurants, Gielina’s in Venice Beach, CA. She continues saying “I usually don’t have time to read the tabloids, but lately, I’ve been more aware of some of the hurtful comments that have been written.”

Julia, who attributes her youthful looks to organic foods, exercise (enough to make a difference without taking over her life!) and a regular skincare routine, was recently introduced to Bonamour. It was on one of her shopping visits to her local farmers market in New York that she ran into her dear friend Meryl Streep.  “Not only did she look smoking hot,” Julia gushes “ but her face was bright and so soft that I actually had to touch it!”   Meryl was happy to share her favorite skincare secret, the Bonamour Trio. Julia is a firm believer in the idea that less is more in the make-up and skincare department and usually goes make-up free in between movies. The idea of  doing more than eye cream and moisturizer was daunting at first, but Meryl’s enthusiasm for this skincare line was captivating and in light of Meryl’s amazing results, Julia decided to investigate for herself and is now and avid Bonamour customer.

What is undeniable, is the difference a few short months has made to her appearance. The Bonamour Rejuvenating Trio is the first of it’s kind to use Active Plant Stem Cell technology, which helps reverse the effects of UV exposure, the environment and age.

Julia and Meryl aren’t the only celebrities sold on this new skincare program. Susan Sarandon, Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox have also shared that their anti-aging regimen includes using the Bonamour products.



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