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In a Superbowl that through the first half looked like a fairly even match up and had very little excitement, Katy Perry brought a half-time show that was colorful, high energy and very exciting. Actually, until the last seconds of the game, it appeared that her act would be the highlight of Superbowl XLIX!

Performing at the University of Phoenix stadium in Glendale Az., she wore 4 sizzling, hot outfits which showed off her well-toned legs, but made sure that there would not be a repeat of the “wardrobe malfunction” of the 2004 Superbowl halftime show. She came riding in on a moving robotic tiger dressed in a sexy, flame-covered outfit singing her hit song “Roar”. With her hair in a ponytail and her flawless skin, Katy looked young and vibrant.

She moved seamlessly to another No.1 hit “Dark Horse” with the stage transforming to a three dimensional chessboard complete with performing acrobats, as she introduced her first guest, Lenny Kravitz. They performed a duo version of the hit song “ I kissed a Girl” as flames exploded behind them. With a quick transformation, the stage turned into a beach scene with dancing sharks, palm trees moving to the beat and smiling beach balls as Katy sang “ Teenage Dream” followed by “California Girls”. She did an outstanding job of making outfit changes that matched her stage decor and the striped skater skirt and matching bra-let reflected the fun and energy of the segment.

Katy Perry, Lenny Kravitz

She introduced her second guest, Missy Elliott, and interestingly, they sang two of Missy’s songs together (although Katy seemed to play more of a backup role) rather than Katy’s music as she did with Kravitz. Missy was also given the opportunity to perform on her own, a much bigger role than Kravitz received. In fairness though, Katy, who was dressed in a more sporty, oversized jersey dress that was large enough to cover another outfit (and had us wondering if her final costume was underneath!), really did need time to prepare for her finale.

And what a finale it was! Dressed in a shimmering, gown complete with stars and the sexy thigh high split, she brought the house down with dazzling pyrotechnics as the backdrop to her final song “Fireworks”, which she sang while her platform lifted her above the crowd and circled the stadium. This show had everything; fabulous costumes, exciting stage presence and decor, fireworks, dancers. Every detail was covered; down to her microphones that matched each of her outfits..Katy Perry brought it!

Although performers do not receive a fee for their appearance in the Superbowl, all of their expenses are covered to include their stagehands, family and friends. In addition, Nielsen SoundScan data shows the significant uptick they get in both album sales and paid digital downloads after their performance, as they are reaching the largest television audience available. Performing at the Superbowl is a significant accomplishment and for Katy Perry, this performance will definitely be a career high point.