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7News US Sites: 15 seconds max. No looping permitted.
7News International Sites: 30 seconds max. No looping permitted.

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Ad Policies

Ads must comply with 7 News Today’s Ad Policies and Guidelines, where applicable. The policies and guidelines include: Unacceptable and Restricted Content, Rights and Responsibilities, Stream Ad General Policies, 7News Ad Network, Ad Verification Services.

Format Guidelines

There are additional Format Guidelines to follow based on the type of ad.


All ads must be secure and SSL Compliant. At 7News, we take the security of our users seriously. We continuously evaluate how to best protect their privacy and data. We have made a commitment to our users, and now require all display ads and 3rd Party Vendors be SSL-Compliant.

All components of display ads, including creative and tracking, must be able to serve via SSL (https://) without any disruption to the browser, page, or user.

What is SSL?
SSL, Secure Sockets Layer, is designed to provide communication security over the Internet allowing for your web browser to communicate with the web page you are on in a secure manner. It prevents anyone person (or third party) from seeing what you are viewing.

Ad Notice

7News requires all display ads have a CLEAR Ad Notice and will label ad units with an “AdChoices” linkable icon or graphic. Read about AdChoices for more information.